Veya Restaurant Review, an Anguilla Romantic Hotspot

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For our Honeymoon’s 4th day dinner, we decided to go out to the very nice fine dining Veya restaurant. We got to Veya at 8:00. Sadie looked amazing, and the restaurant was a tree house type setting. The outdoor upper patio seating was a little warm, but what a great ambiance!  What a perfect evening together. The food was incredible.

Anguilla Veya Restaurant

Anguilla Veya Restaurant

Anguilla Veya Restaurant Ourdoor Seating Day

Anguilla Veya Restaurant Ourdoor Seating Day

Anguilla Veya Restaurant Ourdoor Seating

Anguilla Veya Restaurant Ourdoor Seating

Complimentary Starters at Veya Restaurant

Our dinner started with a complimentary Corn Fritter, which was quite good.  It had scallions, red bell pepper, and ginger in it.  It was fried and served with a tangy aoli. What a great gesture from the chef.  More restaurants should give complimentary little starter treats.  Additionally, they gave us a basket of pumpkin bread, banana bread, and johnny cakes. All were exceptional. The Johny cakes had a great crunch on them, but I think we actually liked the ones at Tasty’s Restaurant better.

Some Appetizers Are Better Than Others at Veya

Since this was our night to go all out, we ordered two appetizers off the menu; awesome Conch Carpaccio, and Veja’s Shrimp Cigars.

Conch twice in the same day?  When on the islands, go for it! Neither of us had had conch before other than the little bits in Tasty’s Conch Fritters.  Having it in carpaccio form is the way to experience it.  The conch!  OMG the conch! It was served raw with rice vinegar and mint.  It was crunchy and SWEET!  There was a choyotte squash and cucumber slaw underneath it which was fantastic with fresh ginger in it.The accompanying sesame rice was strongly flavored with sesame oil, but surprisingly paired well with everything else.  The cucumber side was lightly pickled, and also worked with everything else.  It was all just perfect. What a great Asian and Caribbean fusion conch!

Anguilla Veya Dinner -Conch Carpaccio Appetizer

Anguilla Veya Dinner -Conch Carpaccio Appetizer

The shrimp phyllo dough “cigars” were a different story.  These were OK, but not that great. They did have big chunks of shrimp in them though, and the tomato jam they came with was good.  Very strong cumin flavor though.  This just wasn’t a good dish, unfortunately.

Anguilla Veya Dinner - Shrimp Cigar Appetizer

Anguilla Veya Dinner – Shrimp Cigar Appetizer

I went nuts and ordered the Grilled Local Lobster.  So glad I did!  It was a spiny lobster, and was beautiful. Unlike Maine lobster, it didn’t have any claws, just a big fat juicy tail. It was grilled perfectly, and was very moist and soft.  It was hard to cut and detach from the shell though, but maybe that was just my lack of lobster eating talent. As good as the lobster was though, I have to say that the Anguilla crayfish are sweeter and more tender chewing.  But this spiny lobster was well worth having.  Maine lobster is perhaps a bid more sweet and a bid more tender, but Veya worked wonders with this spiny cousin.  They served it with a passion fruit mustard sauce, which was just divine with the lobster.It was subtle, sweet, and didn’t overpower the lobster flavor at all.  Additionally, the garlic and ginger sweet potatoes were a nice pairing.  But the accompanying fried spinach tasted too strongly of oil to enjoy.

Anguilla Veya Dinner -Grilled Anguillian Lobster

Anguilla Veya Dinner -Grilled Anguillian Lobster

Sadie’s order of Grilled Jerk Spiced Tuna on grilled pineapple was also terrific.  She ordered it medium (good girl), and they delivered it perfectly.  The jerk spice gave it a nice chili heat and great flavor, which worked perfectly with the grilled pineapple underneath.  There was also a rum coffee glaze which was really sweet, and honestly, didn’t add that much to the dish.  The glaze just felt like an unnecessary add to make the dish sound more extravagant than it needed to be.  Regardless, this was a great dish.  It came with fried plantain chips, which sounded cool, but didn’t really add much to anything other than a garnish.

Anguilla Veya Dinner - Grilled Jerk Spiced Tuna

Anguilla Veya Dinner – Grilled Jerk Spiced Tuna

For dessert, we ordered the Coconut Cake with Rum Toffee Sauce.  It was served with vanilla bean ice cream, and tasted nearly as beautiful as it all looked.  It was heavy and reminded me of the texture of carrot cake, but instead of carrots, it was toasted coconut. It was moist and very richly flavored. The rum toffee sauce was really just a loose caramel with too much rum in it, but the entire desert was delicious.  What a fantastic meal at Veya.

Anguilla Veya Dinner - Coconut Cake with Rum Toffee Sauce

Anguilla Veya Dinner – Coconut Cake with Rum Toffee Sauce


The Bald Gourmet enjoys a romantic dinner at Veya Restaurant on Anguilla during his honeymoon.



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