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Uncle Giuseppe's #16 Italian Giuseppe's

Uncle Giuseppe's #16 Italian Giuseppe's

Move over Subway, Uncle Giuseppe’s has come into town and his sandwiches make yours look like something a 5 year old would make!

This is the place to go if you want a real “get down to business” Italian cold cut pleasure ride.  They feature a great selection of Boar’s Head brand meats and cheeses, as well as some wonderful imported selections like Prociutto and Sopressata, all available to purchase by the pound or on a made-to-order sandwich.


Upon entering, I was offered a slice of Sopressata.  Sopressata is a high-end Italian cured salami which is traditionally made with pork that is pressed rather than ground to give a cool rustic appearance when sliced thin.  It usually includes hot peppers and other seasonings to give it a robust flavor.  Uncle Giuseppe’s choice of sopressata is absolutely fantastic, with some white wine undertones and just the right punch of hot pepper heat.  I fell in love with it, and knew I needed to order one of their made-to-order sandwiches which featured it.  They recommended the #16 Italian Giuseppe’s and I promptly had them make me one.

Uncle Giuseppe’s Sandwich

Oh what a sandwich this is!  Loaded with Prociutto, Capocolla, Salami, Mortadella (the father of US bologna), Provolone, Basil, Roasted Red Bell Peppers, Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, and of course, the blessed Sopressata.  It is served on a beautiful Italian bread that has a really nice firm chew to it.  The roasted red peppers have a great charred flavor and are very sweet.  The olive oil and balsamic were much better than mayo any day, and paired nicely with the fresh basil.  The meats and cheese were a thing of glory and took me on a taste bud journey bouncing back and forth between the sharp flavors of provolone, saltiness of prosciutto, and sweet tang of the sopressata.  Absolutely wonderful!

Uncle Giuseppe’s Menu

Uncle Giuseppe’s also makes their own daily soups, including Tomato Basil, Minestrone, and Philly Cheese Steak, as well as their own fresh made mozzarella. It is simply a must visit establishment, and I can’t recommend it enough.  The prices range from $6.50 to $7.50 for a sandwich, and are much better than anything you’ll find at national chain “slop hall” any day.

Uncle Giuseppe’s

6826 Glenwood

Garden City, ID 83717

(208) 853-5048

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  • I’ve tried the #16 and it is delicious, but the sandwich I’m addicted to is their Philly Cheesesteak w/ Peppers and Onions which is the best version of that sandwich I’ve had. They don’t actually do a Philly Cheesesteak soup but they list it right above their two soups of the day, so I can understand the confusion. They have the most amazing Lobster Bisque! It’s so good that I cannot go there without getting a cup. I’m not generally a big fan of deli sandwiches, but until recently I’d never had the good fortune to try an authentic Italian deli and I’m hooked. Trust me, once you try Uncle Giuseppe’s, nothing else will do. And they deliver!

  • Oh. good. god. That sandwich makes me want to cry. The only thing I would change is to use wine vinegar instead of balsamic — I love that sour bite to vinegar that balsamic doesn’t have. Good Italian subs are a thing of true beauty. And I would gain five pounds in that establishment immediately. :-o

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