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A dear friend of mine took me to a new sushi place in town this week that she recently fell in love with. She kept telling me how good it was, and greatly wanted to share it with me. I love sushi, so I was all in. I figured it would be good, as she is an excellent judge, but I didn’t expect it would blow me away. Phenomenal sushi in Boise, Idaho? You’ve got to be kidding me! I never expected to find that.

Sushi Joy Restaurant Boise Idaho

Sushi Joy Restaurant Boise Idaho

As with all my reviews, I focus primarily on the food, as that is ultimately all that I care about. But I have to say that Sushi Joy’s service was exceptional. Their staff is very friendly, and go out of their way to make sure your dining experience is the best it can be. The atmosphere is adequate; clean, nice, and well put together. This location has historically been a difficult one for restaurant success, but Sushi Joy’s menu is bound to overcome any and all of these obstacles by knocking the socks off of their patrons. If you’re looking for fresh, exceptionally prepared, playful and unique sushi, Sushi Joy is where you need to go.

We asked the chef, Tiger, what he recommended as his best sushi dishes. He was very entertaining as he animatedly described his favorites on the menu. My friend had several of his recommendations before, and between the two of them, I quickly was able to decide what we needed to order. I recommend that you order the same on your visits to Sushi Joy.

Sushi Joy’s Creative and Fun Appetizers

Tiger started us off with his Samurai Salmon Appetizer. This was a lightly seared salmon sitting atop a nigiri shaped mound of a gooey blend of avocado, imitation krab, tobiko, and mayonnaise. This was pressed into tempura flakes to create a crunchy crust on the bottom. But then Tiger surprised us by placing the mounds on the grill to create dark char marks on the tempura crust. This added a very nice smokiness throughout the dish which I found to be a wonderful accompaniment to the seared salmon. The mounds were topped with a spicy mayo sauce and their house signature Twin Sauce. It was heavy due to all the mayonnaise and fried tempura, but not so much that it was overwhelming. It was good, and I’d happily order it again.

Sushi Joy Samurai Salmon Appetizer

Sushi Joy Samurai Salmon Appetizer

Next up was a special order item called Red Hot. I think Tiger was having fun with his presentation tonight, as the entire dish came out shaped as a heart. Thanks Tiger, this was fun. The heart-shaped ring was made up of shredded white radish, and was filled with tuna cubes resting on ponzu sauce and a touch of sesame oil. The tuna was very fresh and clean tasting, especially with the salty sourness of the sauce. It was kicked up a bit with a spicy mayo and Sriracha hot sauce drizzle.

Sushi Joy Red Hot Appetizer

Sushi Joy Red Hot Appetizer

Sushi Joy Possibly has the Best Sushi in Boise

Well this is it. The best sushi I’ve had in Boise. Seriously, wow. This sushi made me slap my bald head in delight.

Sushi Joy Lobster Mango and Out of Control Roll

Sushi Joy Lobster Mango and Out of Control Roll

The Out of Control Maki (roll in the back of the picture) consists of Eel, hamachi, yellowtail, and salmon, which all sit on top of a roll of avocado and tempura flakes. I’m a little uncertain on the tempura crunch, as it added a bit of oily weight it did not need, however, this roll was wonderful. I’m not much of an eel fan, but this eel was INSANELY DELICIOUS. I don’t know what they did to it, but it was perfect. Soft, savory, perfect. The entire roll was topped with spicy mayo (which had sesame oil mixed in) and sweet eel sauce. It was not overly salty by any means, which I really appreciated because it made dipping it in soy sauce perfect. Tiger knows what he’s doing my friends.

Then we get to the White Lobster Maki, the amazing Lobster Mango roll. Damn this is good. It’s stuffed with imitation krab stick, cooked shrimp, and fresh mango. Then it’s loaded with sweet mild white lobster. This lobster was so clean, so fresh, so delectable. And it paired perfectly with the fruity mango. But, as if this wasn’t good enough, the entire thing is covered with a sweet pungent mango sauce. Oh my oh my, what sweet heaven Sushi Joy has brought to us. The tobiko added a wonderful color to the presentation, and popped ever so enjoyably in my mouth.

But the shining star of the entire experience was the Green Mountain Maki. This roll made me melt, made me swear in delight, and found me with my head in my hands with eyes closed as I ate it. I never ever expected to find a sushi roll this delicious in Boise, Idaho, and yet, here it is. First of all, the presentation is beautiful, and makes you want to dive right in. But the flavor combination here is simply brilliant. Spicy salmon, seaweed salad, avocado, tobiko, and a mild garlic sauce. The citrus and sesame oil flavors of the seaweed salad pair perfectly with the salmon. But then there’s the faint garlic flavor the throws you in an entire different direction. It’s kind of like being on a go cart, cruising along in one direction, and then getting slammed by another car and bounced in a different way. But in the most fun and delightful way you can imagine. It was perfect dipped in a touch of soy sauce. I love this roll! The bald slapping began here.

Sushi Joy Green Mountain Roll

Sushi Joy Green Mountain Roll

Dessert at Sushi Joy Restaurant

We finished up our perfect sushi experience with a touch of traditional Japanese sweetness…… mochi ice cream. Mochi is very flavorful and dense ice cream surrounded with a sweet gummy rice paste. We had strawberry and mango. Both were delicious, but the strawberry was just ridiculously good. Sushi Joy’s ice cream offerings also come as scoops without the rice paste shell, but give the mochi a try, especially if you’ve never had mochi before.

Mochi Ice Cream

Mochi Ice Cream

Sushi Joy is located in downtown Boise at:

2275 W Main Street

The Bald Gourmet seeks out culinary perfection, perfection that makes slapping one’s bald head seem completely necessary. Sushi Joy, Boise, does just that.

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  • We really like Sushi Joy and can’t believe we didn’t try it sooner. Try the Nine-1-One and the Kiss of Fire. I have been a huge fan of Shige for 15+ years, and still am. But I’ve been to Sushi Joy 4 or 5 times just in the last few weeks since our first visit after a trusted friend highly recommended it. We ordered sushi for takeout for the first time tonight and the presentation of our order was stunning. The service is out of this world – every time! And everything we’ve had has been fresh and yummy. I hope local sushi lovers keep them in business – big parking lot, they are open every day with no break between lunch and dinner, and a convenient location even if you’re in Meridian or NW Boise since you don’t have to go all the way into downtown and pay for parking…just sayin!!!

  • Definitely taking Susie & KJ when they come next month. If you need a sushi fix, come join us! Sean, I’m afraid, will NOT be interested.

  • This looks awesome. I don’t know the next time I will be in Boise but I’d love to try this place. Question now is, do enough people like sushi in Boise for this place to sustain itself?

    • Boy I sure hope so. There are actually a lot of sushi restaurants in town. My concern for Sushi Joy though is that they have a tough location. I need that Green Mountain roll, so I hope people keep going!

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