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SkyVue Grill Butter Burger and Fries

SkyVue Grill Butter Burger and Fries

The last thing Boise needs is another burger joint.  However, the recently opened SkyVue Grill just might wedge its way into “Boise Burger Stardom” with their delicious buttery Butter Burger.  Owner, Rob Good has a vision of serving high end quality ingredients rarely found in his competitor’s burgers, and then slathering them in delicious melted butter.  Think high-end bistro burgers from places like Fork, but for half the price and double the convenience.

We ordered the 1/4 pound Butter Burger with American cheese (the 2 slices of cheese Rob added was a particularly nice touch).  I thought it was delicious, though the beef patty itself was a bit under seasoned (it just needed a little more salt, pepper, and perhaps some garlic or onion powder).  The flavor from the butter it was sauteed in was an unusual treat.  All in all, I thought the burger was great as a complete package of fresh bun, fresh burger, fresh pickles, house-made sauce, onions, tomato, crispy lettuce, and butter.  But I noticed that when I removed the tomato and pickle, the burger seemed to have a better overall seasoned balance.  Go figure.  Anyway, yes please, I’ll have another.

SkyVue Grill Butter Burger

SkyVue Grill Butter Burger

The 1/4 pound Butter Burger was $5 without fries.  A little more pricey than other places, but worth it for the reasons outlined in the rest of my review.  For those with different sized appetites, SkyVue also offers an 1/8 pound Baby Butter burger, as well a 1/2 pound Butter Bomb burger.  You can make any of these a combo with fries and a drink for $2.50 more.  Seem pricey?  Remember, this is 100% Angus, and if you think about it, you’d spend that much at Jack in the Box for a much lower quality experience.

SkyVue Grill Combo Deal

SkyVue Grill Combo Deal

A great burger wouldn’t be the same without great fries, and SkyVue’s don’t disappoint.  Their fries are lightly battered in a delicious seasoned goo that makes them superbly crispy and TASTY.  I loved these fries.  They were good dipped in ketchup, and even better dipped in ranch.  But to my absolute shock and awe, they were exceptional dipped in SkyVue’s fry sauce!  I hate fry sauce.  Fry sauce and I have a long standing feud.  But somehow, SkyVue’s fries made the stuff not only palatable, but highly enjoyable.  It was an unexpected magic show that I was proud to star in.

OMG, Order the Veggie Wings at SkyVue Grill

SkyVue Grill Veggie Wings

SkyVue Grill Veggie Wings

Taking a tip from Boise Weekly’s review, we ordered the Veggie Wings. DELICIOUS!!!  These were broccoli florets, steamed for a bit, dipped in a super light and thin batter (like tempura batter except 10 times thinner), flash fried in oil, then tossed with your choice of sauce.  We went with regular ol’ buffalo wing sauce.  My hell, they were so addictive!  The flavor combination when dipped in ranch was just stupid good.  We devoured these things.  I could see myself returning and only ordering a large version of veggie wings and leaving completely satisfied with the experience.  Great addition to your menu Rob!

SkyVue Grill Uses Quality Local Ingredients

Rob’s vision means real food with a focus on local.  Local means fresh.  His choice of 100% Angus beef from local Double R Ranch (well, sorta local….Pacific Northwest anyway) is fresh ground and never frozen.  His fries are solely from Idaho grown potatoes.  And burger buns are from Boise’s own Gaston’s Bakery, the White Bread Bucci to be exact.  Let’s talk about these buns for a minute.  They were so exceptional that they nearly overshadowed the beef.  They were light and soft while being firm and chewy.  They had a beautiful cross hatch on the top and were dusted in flour.  My guess is that SkyVue buys them fresh-baked daily.  Best bun at a burger joint I’ve ever had.

SkyVue Grill Makes Everything In-house

Now this is where SkyVue really shines apart from Freddy’s Steakburgers, Big Bun/Franci Freez, Five Guys, Smashburger, and the fifty other burger joints in town.  If it can be made in-house, SkyVue does it.  For example, their pickles are quick made fresh pickles….you know, the kind from fresh sliced cucumbers soaked in vinegar and salt for a while.  They are crisp and clean and super crunchy.  They don’t really taste like the dill pickle chips we’re all accustomed to on our burgers, but the vinegar pop was refreshing and a nice change.

SkyVue also whips up their own sauce blends for their chicken and veggie wings.  They likely start with a bottled sauce, but then they make it better by adding delicious butter to it!

Better Soft Serve Ice Cream at SkyVue Grill

The most notable in-house creation though has to be SkyVue’s soft serve ice cream.  I thought I’d never meet a soft serve better than Franci Freez’s.  Oh how I was wrong!  SkyVue’s version is exceptionally creamy and tastes just like real homemade ice cream.  Seriously, fantastic.  We ordered the Salted Caramel Shake, and I’m sad that I was so enamored by it that I forgot to take a picture.  It didn’t have nearly enough salted caramel in it, but I didn’t even care because the vanilla ice cream was so sublime.  My only complaint was that the straw was too thin to successfully suck up the goodness without a great deal of effort.  But I’m committed when it comes to these sorts of things, so every last drop of sweet creamy goodness ended up traveling through that little straw.

They have several other mix-in flavors to choose from, including bacon.  I may have to give that a try on my next visit.

SkyVue’s Seating Is Cramped

SkyVue Grill Inside Dining

SkyVue Grill Inside Dining

My only real complaint with SkyVue is that their inside dining seating is very limited and cramped.  There are only 6 little high-stooled bistro tables inside.  However, it is a drive in, so it is what it is.  I’m sure summer seating outside will be great, and you can always just get their tasty treats to go.  I certainly would not let the limited seating deter you from the SkyVue experience.

Great Burgers, Great Fries, Great Ice Cream Will Have Me Going Back To SkyVue Grill

SkuVue Grill Menu Board

SkuVue Grill Menu Board

Some people may not be fans of SkyVue.  Some may be upset with their prices.  Some may complain that there is flour on the buns.  Others may be upset that it doesn’t taste like McDonalds.  But for me, SkyVue does a great job and I look forward to going back on a regular basis.  Thank you Rob for doing it right!

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The Bald Gourmet recommends SkyVue Grill.



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  • Other than your crazy assertion in your opening line, “The last thing Boise needs is another burger joint”, I agree with everything you say here. Burgers are life.

    • Hi Rhet. Hope you and your family are doing well. I love your comments. Glad you’re still a Bald reader. Burgers are life…..I can agree with that. :)

  • Thanks…great rec…I enjoyed it!

    • Thanks Joan.

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