Review: ‘Ove’Glove, Pit Mitt, and Hell Fire BBQ Heat Resistant Gloves Comparison

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Heat Resistant Gloves

Heat Resistant Gloves

Anyone who barbeques, grills, bakes, or campfire cooks knows all about the dilemmas of reaching into hot places to tend their cooking food.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve singed my hand hairs into little balls of stink.  So to protect ours hands and skin, us cooks have turned to towels, hot pads, oven mitts, leather gloves, long awkward instruments (like tongs), and solid silicone sheets which may or may not be formed into the shape of mitts or gloves.  And while all of these things work fairly well when removing a pan from the oven, some fail to provide adequate protection on the barbeque grill or an open campfire.  But thanks to modern technology and human ingenuity, the market is now flooded with multifunctional heat resistant gloves; gloves which repel heat and fire much like Gortex does water…….at least for a little while anyhow.

A few years ago, I purchased one of the biggest sellers out there, The Charcoal Companion Pit Mitt.  Late last year, I purchased some HellFire BBQ gloves.  Recently, I was sent an ‘Ove’Glove by ‘Ove’Glove’s PR firm to try out.  I’ve been using all three a lot lately and thought I’d write a comparison review, so without further adieu, here’s what I’ve found from my real world use:

The ‘Ove’Glove Works to Protect Against Heat in the Oven and on the BBQ Grill

The 'Ove'Glove

The ‘Ove’Glove

The ‘Ove’Glove is a very comfortable, highly functional heat resistant glove.  It is reversible for either right or left hands.  It is wider than either the Pit Mitt or HellFire, and as such, is easier to put on quickly.  As the name suggests, the ‘Ove’Glove is marketed mostly for use removing things from your oven.  For everyday use, the added comfort and ease of the ‘Ove’Glove has made it my and my wife’s go-to glove for the oven and the stove top (handling hot cast iron and such).  It is made from 80% Nomex and 20% Kevlar, the same stuff firefighter’s clothing is made from.  For grip-ability and added heat resistance, the ‘Ove’Glove has silicon stripes all across it.  I can attest that the stripes are very “grippy”.  We both prefer the ‘Ove’Glove over traditional oven mitts and hot pads, especially when needing to grip a pan to pour and such.  There is an added sense of safety confidence when wearing the ‘Ove’Glove, as your entire hand is protected from getting burned.  Be careful with that confidence though.  The ‘Ove’Glove is not water proof nor steam proof, so if you get hot liquid on the gloves while pouring out a pan, you stand a good chance of burning the piss out of yourself until you can get the glove off your hand.

We’ve found the ‘Ove’Glove useful for just about anything involving heat.  The ‘Ove’Glove is designed to withstand temperatures up to 540°, which it seems to do well.  However, it does not withstand these temperatures for very long.  I’ve yet to really feel much heat come through the glove when removing a hot dish from the oven, but when seasoning my carbon steel wok, I found that the ‘Ove’Glove got too hot inside to continue comfortably wearing it for more than about 20 seconds.  As for using on the BBQ grill, the ‘Ove’Glove works well for turning hot metal skewers, but because of the glove’s low wrist line, it does not provide adequate protection from open flames and heat when reaching into the grill or a campfire to flip burgers and such.  The Pitt Mitt and HellFire gloves performed much better in these scenarios.

The ‘Ove’Glove is widely available at most big retailers as well as most online outlets, and is worth the asking price.

The Charcoal Companion Ultimate Pitt Mitt Will Protect You From Getting Burned

Pit Mitt

Pit Mitt

The Pit Mitt is very similar to the ‘Ove’Glove.  It has silicone texturing on it for good gripping power, and is comfortable to wear despite it being tighter fitting than the ‘Ove’Glove.  The Pit Mitt is made with aramid fibers (the same stuff Kevlar and Nomex is made out of), but where the ‘Ove’Glove resists heat up to 540°, the Pit Mitt only protects at up to 475°.  However, in my carbon steel wok seasoning test, I actually found that the Pit Mitt kept my hand at an acceptable temperature about the same amount of time as the ‘Ove’Glove did (neither seemed to protect my hands at a comfortable temperature for more than about 20 seconds).  But both seem to work equally as well for reaching into the oven, albeit the ‘Ove’Glove is easier to put on.

In the kitchen, the Pit Mitt and the ‘Ove’Glove perform about the same.  But where the Pit Mitt starts to outshine the ‘Ove’Glove is out on the grill.  The longer wrist line extends down my arm 4-inches from my wrist, where the ‘Ove’Glove only extends to 2.5-inches.  This extra length may not sound like much, but with +500° heat coming up through your grill grates, that little extra protection up your arm is a huge benefit.  You’ll be able to comfortably flip burgers, turn fish, toss vegetables, and grab grill baskets right off your grill without the risk of getting burned.  But don’t get over confident.  Heat resistance does not mean heat-proof.  For example, while using the Pit Mitt, I have found that I am not able to grab a grill basket off the hot grates and carry it into the house without my hand getting too hot to fully make it into my kitchen (only about 15-feet away).  But a quick grab to remove it from the grill and place it on a side table or carrying tray is not an issue at all, and works significantly better than a traditional hot pad.  When it comes to cooking on my grill, the Pit Mitt is my heat resistant glove of choice.

The Pit Mitt is widely available at most big retailers as well as most online outlets, and is worth the asking price.

HellFire BBQ Gloves Work as Advertised, Except the Taking You to Hell Part

HellFire BBQ Glove

HellFire BBQ Glove

HellFire BBQ Gloves are making a place for themselves in the heat resistant glove world with their bold and unusual marketing.  They gear everything around fire, brimstone, and eternal damnation.  HellFire gloves boast heat resistance up to 666°, their warranty is 66-months long, and their product descriptions are about devils and a tormented afterlife.  Clever.  They are made out of 75% meta-aramid (Nomax) and 25% para-aramid fibers (Kevlar), the same stuff ‘Ove’Glove and Pit Mitt gloves are made out of.  The ratios of fibers are about the same, but the inside lining of the HellFire gloves feels much thicker.  This must be how they get that devilishly high 666º heat protection.  They also have wider fingers, a bigger hand, and a longer sleeve than either the ‘Ove’Glove or the Pit Mitt.

In the kitchen, they outperformed the ‘Ove’Glove and the Pit Mitt in my wok seasoning test.  I was able to hold the hot wok nearly twice as long with them!  But the longer I used them, the shorter the time in between use they were able to maintain.  In other words, they retained a fair amount of heat in the gloves in between uses.  For the wok test, I ended up needing to rotate hands and swap out all the gloves every couple minutes.  I even needed to add a hot pad in the mix, holding the hot pad with the heat resistant gloves in order to maintain an adequate comfort level.  All that being said though, none of these gloves are really designed for such prolonged very high temperature handling.

HellFire BBQ Gloves work great on the BBQ grill, but where I have found them to be the most beneficial is while cooking over an open campfire.  The longer wrist line/sleeve is a TREMENDOUS benefit over an open fire coal bed.  They protect half my forearm!  I have a pair of thick leather gloves that go clear up to my elbow, which also work well to protect against burns, but those leather gloves do not allow you to hold onto a hot cast iron skillet or dutch oven straight out of the fire anywhere near like what HellFire Gloves do.

HellFire BBQ Gloves are sold in a pair on Amazon, and are worth the asking price.

Best Heat Resistant Gloves to Use

So while the ‘Ove’Glove, Pit Mitt, and HellFire BBQ Gloves all provide great protection against getting burned while holding a hot surface, each performs a little better in different areas for different reasons.

  • The ‘Ove’Glove is the most comfortable and easiest to put on, making it the ideal choice for inside oven use.
  • The Pit Mitt is a bit more difficult to put on, but provides better protection up your forearm, making it the best choice for the BBQ Grill.
  • The HellFire Gloves are thicker, much longer, and withstand higher temperatures, making them a good choice for the BBQ Grill, but the perfect choice for open fire campfire cooking.

Whichever you choose, just remember that they will only protect you from dry hot surfaces for around 30-seconds, and will not do anything to protect you from hot moisture or steam.

The Bald Gourmet compares 3 market leading heat resistant gloves to determine which is best.


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  • NOT HAPPY WITH THIS PRODUCT….My husband complained that he could feel heat when lifting a hot pan from the oven. I refused to believe him so I tried the glove on and he’s right. The Glove works well for about 3 seconds, and longer than that you feel the heat. I lifted a hot pan from the grill and was taking it into the house, almost lost it because of the heat. Returning this product :-(

  • Hi Jothan,
    Reading your latest I followed your link to Amazon and several other gloves popped up. There is one called Grill Heat Aid rated 932 F. It got 5 stars from 1074 reviewers.To be honest, I didn’t follow it any further. Might be worth checking out. It seems to be similar to the ones you tested, with the addition of a liner. I recently bought a pair of all silicon mitts, with a liner in Bed Bath. They are clumsy and I had trouble trying to lift a tray off the rack in our toaster oven but at least I didn’t get burned. Sorry I didn’t see your article first. I probably would have gone for gloves instead.
    We made your Pozole last night; that recipe is a keeper

    • Good morning Jeff. Ya, I had the same issue with silicon mitts, which is what led me to the gloves. Glad you like the pozole recipe. That one is my wife’s creation. She will be thrilled to know you love it. Thanks for the comment.

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