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I’ve eaten at a few places in Twin Falls, and have always been disappointed. But today I took the recommendation of a local resident and tried out a little Italian joint called Maxie’s Tomato’s Italian Grill. It’s on the main road coming into town. You’ll see Carino’s on your right, but keep heading down the road a few more blocks to get to Maxie’s. You may be glad if you do.

Maxie's Tomato's Italian Grill

Maxie's Tomato's Italian Grill

I’m going to have to say that Tomato’s is kind of a Carino’s knock off (many of their dishes are nearly identical). Some things Carino’s does much better, but other things Tomato’s excels at. Like their Bacon Spezie (very similar to Carino’s Bowtie Festival).

Maxie’s Tomato’s Italian Grill Delicious Bacon Spezie

I can’t really say anything about the other dishes on their menu, as I haven’t tried any of them, but this Bacon Spezie kicked ass. Spicy cream sauce, cayenne pepper, bacon, chicken, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, and scallions served with penne pasta and baked blended cheeses. Holy crap! So much flavor! The cream sauce was rich, a touch spicy, and just fantastic. Seriously. It was tossed on a very high quality penne, and mixed up with the other ingredients. Simply delicious. I appreciated that the grilled chicken breast was actually grilled in their kitchen rather than pre-made frozen chicken strips that so many chain restaurants use. Fresh, well executed, deliciousness.

Maxie's Tomato's Italian Grill Bacon Spezie

Maxie's Tomato's Italian Grill Bacon Spezie

Maxie's Tomato's Italian Grill Chicken on the Grill

Maxie's Tomato's Italian Grill Chicken on the Grill


Tomato’s Italian Grill Eating and Service

I also got a taste of their meat sauce, served over spaghetti. It too was very good. Sweet, savory, good fennel flavor, and great tasting meat (sausage). I liked it.

The bread they brought out with oil, balsamic, and cheese, was not great. It was too crumbly, airy, and not of good flavor. It was OK, but not really worth the calories.

We were a bit pressed for time, and Tomato’s staff was highly accommodating of our expressed time crunch. They were very friendly about it, and brought our meals out within under 10 minutes of us ordering.

My final thoughts were that I’m glad I discovered Maxie’s Tomato’s. Now I have a great place to eat at whenever I’m in Twin Falls. I look forward to trying some of their other menu items. But I don’t know if I can stray from the amazing Bacon Spezie.

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The Bald Gourmet eats at a delicious local Italian restaurant in Twin Falls, Idaho.


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  • Could you please tell me the nutrition facts on your lunch portion of bacon spezi?

  • That cook Matt is the best cook at Tomato’s!!!!

  • Just added the bald gourmet to my Flipboard. (Social Network app on my iPad). It is cool it is like a digital magazine where you pick your interests and can add content. Looks really good on my iPad too. See you on easter Sunday.

  • Great review! I enjoyed spending the day and having lunch at Maxie’s with you. We’ll definitely have to do it again sometime! Love this site! Will have to share it with all my friends.

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