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I’m not going to say this is the best Mexican restaurant I’ve ever eaten at, but I am going to tell you that their chicken mole is very nice, and that their handmade corn tortillas are wonderful.

Los Mariachis Pollo En Mole (Chicken Mole)

Los Mariachis Chicken Mole

Los Mariachis Chicken Mole

For those of you that do not know what mole is, it is a traditional Mexican sauce made from chilies, nuts and/or seeds (pumpkin and sesame are traditional), and chocolate.  Yes, chocolate.  It is typically very thick and dark in color.  The mole at Los Mariachis is quite delicious.  It tastes of mild chilies, is very smooth on the tongue, has a light chocolate flavor, and is fairly sweet for a mole.  The sweetness, however, is not overbearing and pairs nicely with the sauteed chicken breast pieces.  I highly recommend this dish, especially if you’ve never had mole before.  It is very mild, not obnoxious in anyway, would be a great introduction to any mole newbie, and is good enough to please most mole lovers out there.

Los Mariachis Boise Handmade Corn Tortillas

Los Mariachis Homemade Corn Tortillas

Los Mariachis Homemade Corn Tortillas

My waitress was kind enough to inform me that they make their corn tortillas in the kitchen by hand daily.  I’m more of a flour tortilla guy when it comes to eating mole, but how often to you find freshly made corn tortillas at a Mexican restaurant?  I’m so glad I went with them instead of the store bought flour ones.  They were fantastic!  They were very light, almost fluffy; were perfectly grilled; had a smooth texture (unlike so many other corn tortillas that are gritty like sand); and had a slight sweetness to them that was especially nice.  I loved them, and could have just eaten an entire meal of nothing but them and a bowl of mole sauce.  Divine.

Los Mariachis Boise Atmosphere and Service

The decor, colors, tables, and music were the same as every other Mexican restaurant.  However, there was one large screaming difference.  This building obviously used to be a Wendy’s Restaurant.  We sat in the glass room area, which was the dead giveaway of the former building inhabitant.  That, and the brick outside walls and building layout.  Where Wendy’s failed, Los Mariachis seems to be doing quite well.  They had a decent lunch hour crowd, and our server told us that they get a lot of repeat customers on a weekly basis.

The service was very good.  Our server was born in Guatemala and moved to Boise when she was 2.  She was fairly attentive to our needs, despite the fact that she was the only server covering roughly 12 tables, and did a great job of giving us several recommendations off the menu.  In addition to the mole, some of her other recommendations were the Hawaiians Fajitas (beef fajitas with pineapple), their Verde items (burrito, verde plate, etc.), and the Burrito Rojo.  She did not lead me astray with the mole, so I look forward to a return visit to try her other suggestions.


Los Mariachi’s

6565 W. Fairview Ave.
Boise, ID 83704


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  • Actually, Wendy’s was next door. This building was a fast food restaurant in a former life, a hamburger joint, but a different one from what I’ve been told.

    I love Los Mariachis, and have been a regular since their first year in business. They have a large and loyal Hispanic following, which should say something. I recommend all of the things listed above…plus almost everything else.

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