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KB's Fish Burrito

KB's Fish Burrito

One of my readers emailed me and suggested that I give KB Burrito’s new location in Meridian, Idaho a try.  He said that they offered good food and good service, and he wanted to know my thoughts on the place.  So I went there for lunch today to give it a try.  Not a bad recommendation.  Here’s my experience and review:

KB’s in Meridian Has Some Tasty, But Overpriced Burritos

KB’s doesn’t have a lot on their menu, but what they do offer is full of fresh, clean, healthy ingredients.  They offer a traditional Mexican style chicken or beef burrito stuffed with beans, rice, guacamole, cheese, sour cream, and salsa.  But what caught my eye were the less traditional ingredients, like roasted garlic in their Hailey burrito, Mahi mahi in their Fish burrito, and spinach, potatoes, and salmon in their Boise burrito.  That salmon burrito sounds worth trying to me, but I asked the counter girl what she recommended and she couldn’t say enough good things about the Fish burrito, so in I went, despite the $8.49 price tag.

The fish burrito starts with a large flour tortilla that they crisp up on the griddle.  Nice touch.  They then fill it with a bit of rice and your choice of black or refried beans.  I went with the black, and they were full of flavor, something that you don’t always get at a burrito joint.  The rice was good too, though not overly seasoned, but it was not mushy, and the grains were all separated from each other.  Then they added shredded cabbage, both white and red.  The cabbage gave the burrito a really nice crunch, but what I liked the most was the color the red cabbage gave.  It was a nice touch.  They then added the grilled mahi mahi, some cabo sauce, and salsa.

The mahi mahi was very fresh and wasn’t “fishy” at all.  It was firm but moist, and was grilled rather than fried.  They put a fair amount in the burrito too.  It was barely seasoned though, and would have benefited greatly by some added chipotle seasoning or smoked paprika.  But I think they were counting on the cabo sauce to provide the flavors to the fish, which it did.  The cabo sauce was great.  It had strong citrus tones and was very clean.  It didn’t feel fatty or high calorie, so I’m not sure it was mayo based.  Could have been yogurt based, but I’m not certain.  It paired perfectly with the mahi mahi.

The burritos are rather large, and were plenty filling.  The menu states that you can make any burrito a small for $6.49, but the large wasn’t so large that it felt difficult to eat, so I’m not sure if the small would be filling or not.

KB Burrito Allows You to Create Your Own Concoctions

For the same price as their menu burritos, KB’s lets you build your own with your choice of protein (chicken, steak, mahi mahi, shrimp, salmon, chorizo, bacon, egg, or tofu), your choice of toppings (extensive list of healthy options), and your choice of sauces and dressings.  I like this concept, and is one I haven’t found at other burrito shops.  Alternately you can build a salad from the same list for the same price.

KB Burrito’s Other Menu Options

KB also offers an assortment of tacos, all around $4.00.  I saw others eating them, and they all looked to have come with rice and beans on the side, which would make them a decent value item.  They also offer quesadillas, nachos, and salads to choose from.

KB’s has an assortment of breakfast items for you morning burrito junkies.  The breakfast burritos are $5.49 and the breakfast tacos, yes, tacos, are $2.29 each.

KB Burrito’s Summary Review

My conclusion is that KB’s burrito’s seem to be fresh, high-quality, and healthy.  The burrito I had was pretty good, and I generally enjoyed the eating experience.  But with Qdoba and Los Betos practically across the street, the $8.49 price tag may be a deterrent to their success.  But I should try the small burrito and see if it is adequate before I completely jump to conclusions.

KB, I understand that you may be using some higher quality ingredients, but if your small burrito isn’t filling and/or comparable in volume to your competitors’, your regular burritos are still about $2 higher than they should be for the market.  Other than that, you might have a winner here.

KB’s is located at:
3240 E Louise Drive #110
Meridian, ID 83642


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