Review: Jules Destrooper Butter Crisp Cookies

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Jules Destroopper Butter Crisp Cookies

Jules Destroopper Butter Crisp Cookies

Every now and then I come across a little piece of perfection at the local grocer.  Today’s example of this is the perfectly crisp buttery creation of Jules Destrooper’s Butter Crisp Cookies.

A quick glance at the ingredients list and you know these cookies are going to taste like butter.  They do a great job of highlighting this fact for you by notating that the butter content in the cookies is 18%.  I’m no genius, but I can figure out pretty quickly that anything with that proportion of butter in it is going to taste phenomenal.  And boy oh boy do these cookies do!

They are very thin, not overly sweet, and have a very wonderful rich butter flavor to them.  They are perfect served with fruit, goat cheese and honey, yogurt, pudding, or with your favorite hot beverage.  These are perfectly sophisticated cookies for grown ups, though I suspect kids will adore them as well.  They come from Belgium, and the packaging reads as follows:

“A traditional 19th century Holiday cookie made using the same old-fashioned recipe with pure butter, sugar, and eggs.

In the second half of the 19th century, Jules Destrooper was a colonial trader with a hobby of baking cookies.  He experimented with the spices which he imported from Africa and the East.  In 1886 the BISCUITERIE JULES DESTROOPER was founded.  Today, a fourth generation family company, BISCUITERIE JULES DESTROOPER offers a range of traditionally classic, premium cookies, made of the purest natural ingredients, to customers in 52 countries worldwide.”


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  • Ive been trying to find a recipe of homemade butter crips that could be similar to these Jules Dedstrooper and failed miserably. :(

    • Me too Nini. Let me know if you happen to find one!

  • […] and sold in the deli area of my regular grocery store (Harp’s). A few years ago, The Bald Gourmet did a review of these cookies. Even though no mention was made of Peeps, he said they are perfect […]

  • My store no longer has The Butter Crisp & I am hooked is there anyway I can order them on line ?

  • I found these by accident looking for something to eat along with my Nutella, I’m on my 3rd bag since Sunday. Im gonna get so damn fat :) these are the best cookies I’ve ever had!

    • I totally agree Michelle. Dangerous…..very dangerous.

  • where are these products sold

    • Wal-Mart is where I found them last. You might try there Marie. Happy hunting!

  • I just tasted these gems. Thin, crunchy, buttery – perfect. And only .35 at the salvage grocery store.

  • Believe it or not, I discovered these cookies by accident at our local 99 cent store a few years back, and I promptly returned to buy more. I cannot tell you how wonderful these cookies are. They don’t taste as if they came from a package. After I gave up on the notion the 99 cent store would ever have these cookies in stock again, I looked the item up online and realized how pricey the cookies could be. It was a good thing back then that I couldn’t just go to any store to buy them, and it just wasn’t my thing to order cookies online in general. So, I had to satisfy myself with the memory of such a fine cookie. Fast forward a few years, and would you believe that I just found them at Walmart? At over $3.50 per package, I promised myself to only buy one. In the span of one hour, I consumed the entire package, and you may think me a glutton, but it’s just that easy to get addicted. In the past, I’ve enjoyed the cookies with a cup of hot chocolate. You can pair the most simple scoop of vanilla ice cream with it, and it becomes a high end dessert. There’s a simplicity to them, and looks can be deceiving, because they look like pieces of a run-of-the-mill waffle cone. But, bite into one, and you’ll know they use butter in these cookies. They’re not overly sweet and you just won’t be able to restrict yourself to one cookie.

    I’m glad you gave them the proper kudos they deserve, Mr. Bald Gourmet.

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