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My day job put me in Caldwell (Idaho’s little Mexico) the other day for an appointment. Being that it was close to lunchtime, I asked the guy I was meeting with if he had any recommendations of other good Mexican restaurants besides Tacos y Mariscos (which I still can not say enough good things about). He said that there were plenty to choose from, but that there was one nearby which he liked and regularly ate lunch at. Being that he is Hispanic himself, I trusted his advice and headed on over to eat.

Janitzio Mexican Restaurant in Caldwell, Idaho

The place he sent me to was just a small 6 table establishment. It seemed to be more kitchen than dining area. Upon entering, I was greeted with amazing smells of deliciousness. I took a seat and was handed a rather extensive menu by a very friendly server, whom I am suspicious was the owner, with his wife being the cook. I looked over their enchiladas, burritos, soups, salads, platters, and different offerings like the traditional sauce smothered chips with melted cheese that I ate at Riu Palace in Puerto Vallarta. I should have probably ordered one of their more extensive items, but I instead settled for quick and easy off the lunch menu.

Tamales and Enchiladas at Janitzio Restaurant, Good and Bad?

I ordered the Lunch Menu Number 3.

Janitzio Tamale Enchilada Lunch

Janitzio Tamale Enchilada Lunch

As soon as this plate hit my table, I knew where some of those amazing smells were coming from. The tamale sauce was the contributor and it was awesome! It had heavy carrot and celery flavors in a tomato chili sauce base. Absolutely divine. The tamale itself was good, but different. The masa was fluffy, almost like a cornbread. It was filled with beef inside, even though I ordered pork. The meat was not great, and seemed lacking in flavor. If it wasn’t for the amazing sauce, would I have liked this tamale? I really enjoyed the after taste, though, once I was all done.

In contrast, the enchilada sauce was sweeter, almost reminding me of a mole. It was very good, and was rather thick and pasty. I ordered a chicken enchilada, but they brought me pork. Again, the meat just seemed to be lacking in wonderment. It was good, but no where near the enchiladas at Tacos y Mariscos.

The rice was very good. The beans were very beany and good.

Best Winning Salsa in Idaho at Janitzio Mexican Restaurant

Janitzio Best Restaurant Salsa

Janitzio Best Restaurant Salsa

The best thing that Janitzio has to offer, at least from what I tasted, is their house-made salsa. This is some damn good salsa folks. It tasted just like summer made from garden tomatoes! It was made with fresh tomatoes as well as canned crushed tomatoes. It had a good onion and garlic flavor, a mild heat from jalapeno peppers, a nice spice seasoning, a good black pepper taste, a touch of bright cilantro zing, and a bit of tangy-ness from some vinegar. It also had a “secret” ingredient that they wouldn’t tell me about. It was blended smooth, and went perfect with their house fried chips. This was the best restaurant salsa I’ve had anywhere. It surprised the hell out of me. It was so good that I bought a pint for $4 to go home with me, which I have completely devoured already. Anytime I go to Caldwell from now on, I will be stopping by Janitzio to pick up some more salsa. I highly recommend that you do the same.

A Bloggers Thoughts on This Family Run Restaurant

All in all, it was a pretty good lunch, and not a bad recommendation. Not the best Mexican food by any means, but the salsa was worth the dining experience alone.

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The Bald Gourmet eats at Janitzio Mexican Restaurant in Caldwell and is surprised to find the best restaurant salsa anywhere.




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  • Janitzio is my favorite Mexican restaurant in Caldwell. I recommend the Chipotle Chicken Crema and the Chilaquiles.

    • Great timing Juli. I was in Caldwell today, so stopped in to Janitzio for lunch. I took your recommendation and ordered the Pollo a la Crema with the chipotle cream sauce. It was pretty tasty. Not a heavy chipotle flavor, but was well balanced with the cream. The cream had a hint of ranch dressing flavor to me, but that actually worked pretty well. Janitzio is fairly good. But you should really try Tacos y Mariscos El Compa. They are on a totally different level of deliciousness.

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