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Guang Zhou Generals Chicken

Guang Zhou Generals Chicken

Packed into the odd little strip mall surrounding Edwards Theater 21 in Boise is Guang Zhou, an odd little Chinese restaurant which I love to visit.  Upon walking in, you are instantly struck with confusion as to what you are to do.  Do you take a seat and wait to be served, do you walk up to the counter and order fast food style, or do you turn and leave?  I’m never quite sure myself, but I think you’re supposed to order at the counter.  They always have specials plastered all over the place, and have a letter board describing menu choices.  I’ve read some other reviews of Guang Zhou, and many make it sound as though you should take the third choice of turning and walking out.  But I have discovered that this is worth a visit anytime you have time after a movie, or just feel like eating something tasty and reminiscent of real Chinese food.

Guang Zhou Boise: Best Generals Chicken in Town

OK, to be honest, I’ve only ordered one thing on their menu, so I don’t really know if the place is good or bad.  The broken bench seats and strange walk-in style dining atmosphere would lead me to believe it is not good, but they seem to get a good amount of business, so maybe all of their menu items are good.  I would try something else, but I can’t let the Generals Chicken go.  It is freaking delicious!

It is wok fried with ginger, scallions, lemon grass, soy sauce, oyster sauce, and some sugar to sweeten things up.  It is sticky, it is dark brown, it is crispy, it is moist, it is perfect.  The crispiness comes from the chicken being lightly dusted in corn starch and then fried in hot oil in the wok.  I’ve eaten dishes like this in Asia, and I must say, Guang Zhou does a good job of duplicating this traditional style of cooking a tasty treat.  Flavors explode in your mouth, and the sweetness keeps your tongue craving more.  It is served with some perfectly steamed broccoli for garnish, and I wish they would give you more broccoli, as it pairs perfectly with the sweet and savory chicken.  You are offered a choice of pork fried rice or plain steamed rice.  I’m a purist when it comes to dishes like this, so I just go with the steamed rice.  Maybe the fried rice is great, but I may never know.

Next time you want a bit of tasty “almost” Chinese food, head on over to Guang Zhou and order the Generals Chicken.  hǎo chī de

7609 W Overland Rd # 100
Boise, ID 83709-1697
(208) 378-5888

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  • This is a very good place to grab a meal. I personally like the orange beef and I cannot seem to peal myself away from that choice. I don’t really know what the other dishes are like but as far as the orange beef goes….thumbs up!

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