Review: Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, Meridian, Idaho

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Freddys Steakburger and Fries

Freddys Steakburger and Fries

I don’t usually write reviews for chain restaurants, and I wasn’t planning on writing one on Freddy’s.  However, after eating there several times, I’ve decided that it’s just too damn delicious to not write about.  Freddy’s has quickly moved to my top list of burger joints, and here’s why:

Scrumptious Burger in a New Package at Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

It’s not often that we find a new way to present a hamburger.  After all, a bun, sauce, veg, cheese, and a beef patty doesn’t leave much room for variation.  But Freddy’s founders, the Freddy Simon family, looked to recreate the fresh flat-top grilled burgers of the 50′s that Freddy Simon loved.  What they came up with was something I haven’t seen at any other burger joint; a flattened thin patty that gets super caramelized and crunchy while still being soft and juicy in the middle.  The patties start out as standard 1/4 pound patties of fresh lean ground beef.  They are slapped on the flat-iron and then pressed out thin and flat by the grill cook.  They are seasoned to perfection with salt, pepper, and perhaps some other powdered delights, then sizzled to a perfect dark caramelized goodness before being scrapped off and slapped on a toasted buttered bun.

Close up of Freddys Steakburgers

Close up of Freddys Steakburgers

You can order your steakburger as a single, double, or even a triple patty wonder.  A slice of melted American cheese tops each steakburger patty, so a double gets you 2 steakburger patties and 2 slices of cheese.  You can choose between the original steakburger (Steakburger patties, cheese, mustard, onion & pickles on a butter toasted bun), or a California style (steakburger patties, Freddy’s Sauce, cheese, onions, lettuce & tomato).  I’ve had both, and both are delicious.  My preference is the California style with added pickles.  The pickles are exceptional!

Freddys Original Double Steakburger

Freddys Original Double Steakburger

Freddy's Double California Steakburger

Freddy’s Double California Steakburger


Tasty but Obnoxious Fries at Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

Freddys Steakburgers Skinny Fries

Freddys Steakburgers Skinny Fries

My only complaint about Freddy’s is the skinny tiny little fries they serve.  They are absolutely delicious, but are a real nuisance to eat.  They are just too thin to be functional with a burger.  You need to grab about 5 at a time to dip in your ketchup (or fry sauce) to get a good fry-to-burger ratio in your mouth.  Inevitably, I just end up getting grease and ketchup all over my fingers and frustrated by the experience.  But like I said, they are very delicious so whatever.

Dang Tasty Custard at Freddy’s

In case you missed the fact that Freddy’s is first named after their custard, let me assure you that the naming sequence is for good reason.  Freddy’s custard is spot on.  It is extremely creamy and smooth, and tastes much richer than typical soft serve.  Their custard machines have long stainless steel troughs where thick ribbons of custard inch their way down to where the workers cut them off to put in your cone, cup, or bowl.  It looks cool and makes you want to eat it.

Freddy's Custard Ribbons

Freddy’s Custard Ribbons

Freddy’s offers chocolate or vanilla custard, but then have loads of toppings and mix-ins to make just about any flavor combination you want.  You can choose straight-up plain (the vanilla is fantastic), a sundae, or a concrete (extremely thick shake with all the toppings mixed in).  Great treats for sure.  You owe it to yourself to give them a try.

Better Fast Food at Freddy’s Steakburgers

Freddy’s is fast food, pure and simple, but a much better quality experience than McDonald’s or Burger King.  All the ingredients appear to be better quality, and it all definitely tastes better.  If you have a quick burger craving, I strongly recommend a Freddy’s Steakburger.  At around $8 for a burger and fries, it may cost a bit more, but the better taste and experience is well worth it.
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The Bald Gourmet recommends enjoying a tasty burger and frozen custard at Freddy’s.



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  • So I really enjoy Freddy’s but the patties are way to thin. I have to order a triple just to get full. There desserts are excellent.

  • There is no words that can describe this place except one of the WORST places to eat in Papillion Ne, the restaurant has been always dirty from all the times I’ve been there and my relatives, the kitchen staff does not have any manners , you can hear them cursing really loud from the kitchen towards the lobby , THEY ARE NOT CLEAN, I saw one of the cooks wearing the same pair of gloves for more than one hour. I ordered a chicken sandwich that one has lettuce and tomato and a double cheese burger, the chicken sandwich was cold , the lettuce was literally red and it smell terrible. The double cheese was RAW the bun was soggy wet with the patties grease. PEOPLE DO NOT WASTE YOUR money here go to a place where you deserve to get the true HIGH QUALITY FOOD you deserve !!!

    • Why would you go back if the place was nasty? It seems like your either just a miserable person or confused. Probably both. Never ever have I been to a dirty Freddie’s. And I have never heard swearing or any other unacceptable language while dining in. The world does not revolve around you man. Get over your self. Every one else has.

  • Not really a fan of the one in Nampa. Could it be they are too gimmicky and not very detail oriented, why yes, yes they are!

    This place I haven’t tried yet. But, I have gone to the one in Nampa when there isn’t much else open. I have even complained to the manager.

    How hard is it to fix it the way the customer orders. Number 7 with no cheese and grilled onions. Comes out with regular onions and cheese. Complain and they get the no cheese part right, but forget the onion. Oh, and greasy too!

    The fries are obviously the difference between Idaho potatoes and Kansas potatoes (borrowed from a review on Urban Spoon, I hope you don’t mind) and the fry sauce is too sweet and runny. The trick to good fry sauce is it must be thick enough the spoon will stand on its own.

  • Yes, I agree. I drive by the Freddy’s on Eagle twice daily and haven’t stopped in figuring that it’s just another burger joint and I don’t usually like franchise burgers much. Then, they put one in by my home in Nampa. Now I drive by 2 places twice a day. My hubby and I have talked about stopping in one day on our walk, but hadn’t yet. Something about walking and stopping for burger fry and softie doesn’t sound right together. Anyway, I stopped on my way home one evening being too tired to cook dinner. Boy, oh boy, was that a mistake. They are the best burger, besides my hubbies fresh ground bacon burgers (that’s another story I’ll have to share). Now, it’s all I can do not to stop everyday as I drive by. My biggest incentive to not stop is they aren’t the cheapest, which tells me they are a decent burger too.

    Keep on eating and writing. I love your reviews and your outlook. Tracy

    • Thanks for the comment Tracy. You may have to tell us more about those fresh ground bacon burgers……..

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