Review: Del Taco Turkey Tacos

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Del Taco Turkey Taco

Del Taco Turkey Taco

For those who know me, it’s no surprise to hear that Del Taco is one of my guilty pleasures.  I avoid most fast food, but Del Taco’s tasty little tacos keep me coming back for more.  They’re cheap, crunchy, and addictive; despite their poor nutritional qualities.  So imagine my surprise when I pulled into Del Taco for some lunch the other day and found they were offering ground turkey tacos!  What?  Ground turkey?  A “healthy” option at my fast food chain?  That’s gotta be a first in the industry.  The sign said 33% less fat than their regular beef tacos, and I was sold.

New Turkey Tacos at Del Taco are Delicious

I ordered a couple of the turkey tacos, and a few of my traditional beef hard shell tacos and took my seat with haste.  I unfolded the paper wrapper on my first turkey taco and found a perfectly constructed taco half-filled with ground turkey, the other half with lettuce, cheese, and pico de gallo.  It looked delicious.  I added a little hot sauce on top and took a bite.  Crunch!  Chew, chew, mmm…..

Del Taco Turkey Taco Inside

Del Taco Turkey Taco Inside

“What is that on my tongue?  There’s actually texture to the meat, like what I’d expect from a ground meat taco.  And there’s…..FLAVOR!”  These turkey tacos are full of delicious flavor.  A nice clean tasting spiced meat.  I devoured taco number one and promptly bit into taco number two.  But then I remembered that I wanted to compare the standard beef tacos to the new turkey version, so I put the turkey down and opened up its little beef brother.

Del Taco Beef Taco

Del Taco Beef Taco

What a disappointment!  My once favorite fast food taco now tasted like crap.  The first note on my tongue was of undiluted beef bouillon.  The next, cheap meat.  But the texture was what really disappointed me.  It was more like canned dog food than ground beef.  What the hell just happened here?  I loved these little beef tacos, but now all I wanted to do was to throw them on the floor, yell at them, and replace them with turkey tacos!

Del Taco Turkey Tacos Come in Two Different Sizes

On my way out, I asked the store manager a couple questions about the turkey tacos, namely about size comparisons with the beef taco.  She informed me that the advertised turkey tacos are the equivalent size to the double beef Classic taco.  She then informed me that they also offer a Value Turkey Taco version for $0.89 that is equivalent to the regular beef taco ($0.59).  Sweet!  I went back the next day and ordered some of each to compare.  Here’s how the two look side by side:

Del Taco Turkey Tacos Comparison

Del Taco Turkey Tacos Comparison

As you can see, there is a substantial difference in the amount of filling.  But for $0.40 more, is the larger turkey taco worth it?  Well, I guess that depends on your taco preferences.  Both are delicious, and both are significantly better tasting than the beef versions.  But I think I like that larger turkey better because there is more meat/flavor to each bite.  Oddly enough, the pico on it doesn’t really do much for me.  In fact, I found the flavors of it distracting against the turkey.  But me being me, I ate it anyway.  So if you want more crunch and are looking to cut cost, go with the Economy taco.  Otherwise, sink your teeth into the happy grown sibling bird.

Del Taco Turkey Taco Nutrition

Don’t get fooled thinking these tacos are good for you.  They’re still from a fast food restaurant, and are filled with sodium, fat, sugars, and wheat and soy fillers.  But compared to their beef counterpart, these are actually pretty decent.  Del Taco hasn’t published the Value version nutritional information yet, but here’s the regular version’s info with a comparison to the classic beef:

So there you have it.  33% less fat, and 25% less calories than the Classic Beef Taco.  Del Taco’s Turkey Taco is better tasting, and is a healthier pick as well.  I’m sold and am in love.  $1.29 is quite a bit more than the $.59 regular beef tacos at Del Taco, but it is worth every penny both in flavor and calorie reduction.  You have a winner here Del Taco.  I hope you keep turkey on your permanent menu!

The Bald Gourmet loves the new Turkey Tacos at Del Taco.


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  • hello…recently I stumbled upon your blog…signed for the newsletter. A new delight added
    to my life! Thank You! I am a good cook…totally unable to follow a recipe…just read the ingredients
    and go for it. Once in awhile it fails…more often it is a success. Today am making a large “Taco Bake” casserole for friends coming in for lunch tomorrow… recipe…just 2 pounds ground beef cooked and drained, 2 packs taco sauce mix, one large
    chopped white onion, about a cup of frozen corn kernels, a can of Mexican style stewed tomatoes, cut up fine with scissors, a small individual can of V8 (about 5 ozs), a tablespoon of brown sugar, and not to be forgotten, about a scant cup of red wine. Taste and correct to your liking. Placing in a 9 x 13 x 3″ glass baking dish.Top with a heaping cup of shredded Mexican style cheese. At this point you can refrigerate a day or two and then add the cornbread topping below.
    Will then top with a mixture of Gladiola Mexican cornbread mix, made as directions, but will use only about 1/2 to 2/3 of the mix, as it puffs up too much and is too bready. Bake for an hour or until top cornbread is brown. I loved your post on the Del Taco’s…Usually don’t like the turkey, but will try these!!!

    • Thanks Dricka. Welcome to the baldo fun! Your taco bake sounds pretty tasty. I’ll have to give it a try. Anyways thanks for your comment. Let me know what you think of Del Taco’s turkey tacos. They’re not mind blowing delicious, but are pretty tasty for a “healthy” fast food option.

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