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Crown Burgers Grill Line

Crown Burgers Grill Line

Crown Burgers also came highly recommended to me for my Salt Lake eating adventures, so I headed in for lunch between my afternoon shopping destinations. What an odd place Crown Burgers is. It’s a mix of an old time burger diner and a Greek restaurant that belongs on the set of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. That odd mix is carried through everything from the menu to the decor. I wasn’t sure where I was at or what I was about to order, but the joint was packed and the aromas from the open kitchen were intoxicating.

Crown Burgers Interior

Crown Burgers Interior


Crown Burgers Menu

This is where things really get interesting. Crown Burgers is a burger joint, and they have plenty of delicious burger creations to satisfy any burger enthusiast, but they also serve salads, fish, and Greek items like Chicken Souvlaki (skewered grilled chicken kabobs), gyros, and Greek pita (flat bread) sandwiches. I’m still not really sure how that all works together, but it gave the place a novelty charm that was actually pretty fun.

Best Fast Food Hamburger in Salt Lake at Crown Burger

Crown Burgers Pastrami Crown Burger

Crown Burgers Pastrami Crown Burger

All the burgers sounded good, but I went with the house named Crown Burger, which consisted of a flame grilled patty, perfectly melted American cheese slice, lettuce, tomato, onion, sauce, and pastrami! Oh my. How can you go wrong with pastrami?

The pastrami was pretty good. It wasn’t overly salty, which was perfect for the burger. It was moist, and was shaved really thin and piled high on the burger. Yum! The beef patty was also good, and was definitely better beef quality that what you’d find at Carl’s Jr. It had a wonderful smoke flavor from the flame grilling, and was perfectly seasoned with salt and pepper. Even the bun was good. It wasn’t some amazing bread or anything, just a standard white sesame seed bun, but it was grilled on the griddle to a perfect golden brown toasty crunch.

This was definitely one tasty burger, and I see what all the hype is about. Next time you’re in Salt Lake, make a stop at Crown Burger and order their signature named burger. It’s on my top list of burgers now.

Crown Burger has Great Fries

Fries can either make or break a burger joint. Crown Burgers’ burgers can stand on their own, but their fries are just as good. They are cut large, somewhere between a steak fry and a regular fry. They are perfectly golden and crispy on the outside, and soft and fluffy on the inside. Great!

Crown Burgers Does Not Have Good Greek Food

Crown Burgers Chicken Souvlaki

Crown Burgers Chicken Souvlaki

I ordered a Chicken Souvlaki just to see how this place does Greek, and maybe I should have tried a gyro instead. I’m hoping that the gyros are good, and if you’ve had them, please leave a comment and let me know how they are, but the Chicken Souvlaki was horrible. I mean just look at this thing. Gray chicken stuck on a stick. Bluck! The chicken was dried out, had no flavor other than some funky herb in the marinade that did nothing to add deliciousness, and was an overpriced mess. I took two bites then threw it away.

The Greek side of their menu is clearly more of a novelty play than anything else, but I’d still recommend eating at Crown Burgers for the experience of it all. Just stick to their burgers.

Crown Burgers on Urbanspoon

The Bald Gourmet eats at a well known burger joint in Salt Lake called Crown Burgers and has a delicious pastrami burger there.


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  • The Chicken Gyro at Crown Burger is my favorite. So yummy!

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