Review: Burger Express Boise

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Burger Express Boise

Burger Express Boise

The other day I got a call from a dear friend of mine who needed to know if I was available to help him out with an emergency situation.  I was only a few minutes from my house where he was waiting, so I hurried home to see how I could help him.  He said that I needed to go with him but he couldn’t talk about it and that I would understand when we got there.  This sounded intriguing, and he genuinely seemed worried about something, so I hopped in his car and wondered where we were heading.

As we headed down Curtis towards Fairview, I started to worry that he was taking me to the hospital with an actual serious emergency.  But then he turned right on Fairview and pulled into a new burger joint that just opened.  He’s so ridiculous, but he knows I’m a foodie and blogger and wanted me to review this brand new establishment.

His main reason for the excitement is that it reminds him of his favorite burger joint in California where he grew up.  And I must admit, the menu does look very similar to that chain’s.  I took his council and ordered the Double with fries and a Coke and then took my seat.  When they delivered it to my table, I quickly realized that this is not the same burger and fries as the California burger chain.

Burger Express Boise is not your Typical Burger

The fries do not appear to be cut onsite, but rather ready to cook frozen fries.  But they have some skin on them, which I always enjoy, and were perfectly salted, crisp, and soft inside.  They weren’t the best fries I’ve ever had, but were good and paired perfectly with the rest of my order.

The burger, on the other hand, was surprisingly unique.  Some people may complain about this, but I loved that the burger patties were really thin.  It created a perfect ratio of American cheese to burger flavor.  It was actually quite nice, and I can see now why the cashier staff said that a triple is a favorite.  The patties where seasoned well, and were rather enjoyable.  The rest was no frills lettuce, tomato, and onion, all served on a decent bun with a touch of mayo.  Is it the best burger I’ve ever eaten?  No.  Is it deserving of enjoying on a weekly basis?  Yes.

So go support this new family owned and operated burger joint.  My friend needs them to be successful so he can feed his California burger fix for years to come (and I just might too).

Burger Express Boise Double

Burger Express Boise Double

6615 W. Fairview Ave, Boise, ID 83704


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  • Upon hearing that Burger Express’ hamburger’s are similar to that California chain, I had to go check the place out. BE does not use fresh fries, but they are tasty. The burgers are delicious. I had the two- patty burger. It was so good. The meat was delicious and did not taste as if it has fillers. I liked how the edges of the patties were very well done. This detail reminds me of a burger that you can get at a drive-in, circa before McDonald’s. Also, this cooking technique imparts a great flavor to each bite of their burgers. I agree with you that thin patties are better. I much would rather have a thin patty that is flavorful than a thick bland one.

  • Dear Bald Gourmet,

    What does a burger and fries set you back at Burger Express?


    Inquiring Reader

    • Yes, I did forget to mention that didn’t I? Thanks Inquiring Reader. The Double with fries and drink is about $6. Comparable in price to other places, but different burger experience.

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