Review: Bundaberg Australian Ginger Beer

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Bundaberg Australian Ginger Beer

Bundaberg Australian Ginger Beer

I love a good ginger ale now and then, so I’m always excited when I find a new variety that claims to be the best on the market, but I was not expecting to actually find the best on the market on a recent visit to Cost Plus World Market.  Bundaberg from Australia is brewed to be better, and they ain’t lying.  Good heavens, or should I say, “good Ginger!”

Bundaberg Ginger Beer Ingredients

Bundaberg’s Ginger Beer is made with cane sugar.  No crappy American corn syrup here.  To me, this gives it a better baseline flavor to begin with.  But then they throw in tons of ginger and actually brew it with yeast.  It’s non-alcoholic, so don’t let the yeast throw you.  But that yeast does lend a great flavor and color to the product.

Bundaberg Ginger Beer is Full of Ginger

The label says, “It’s always cloudy in a bottle of good, old-fashioned ginger beer.  Hold this bottle to the light and you’ll see it’s full of real ginger pieces, traditionally brewed to a genuine old recipe to release the natural flavors of ginger.”  Well, that is very true, as you can see here:

Bundaberg Australian Ginger Beer Real Ginger Pieces

Bundaberg Australian Ginger Beer Real Ginger Pieces


Bundaberg Ginger Beer is Phenomenally  Better than Canada Dry, Schweppes, and Vernors

These other stupid mass distributed ginger “ales” shouldn’t even be allowed to carry ginger in their name.  And you actually won’t find it in their ingredient list.  Ginger is included in their “natural flavors” ingredient listing.  And though I’m sure there is actually ginger used in the flavor processing somewhere along the lines, it’s so mild that it seems you are drinking a caramel colored sugary syrup with a touch of funk rather than a ginger beverage.  Vernors is actually the best tasting of the three, and I give them kudos for that.  I supposed these “mild” drinks are good for mixers and such, but if you’re looking for a drink that lets you know you are drinking ginger, pass them by and go straight to Bundaberg.

Bundaberg’s Ginger Beer reminds me of Asian ginger candy put in a carbonated liquid form.  It’s very intense, but not hot.  Just smooth, clean, sweet, delicious gingery goodness.  There’s so much ginger in it that it actually leaves your stomach feeling a touch warm when you’ve finished the bottle, which leads me to believe this stuff would be exceptional on an upset stomach (from the flu, motion sickness, etc.).

Great job Bundaberg.  You’ve got my business for life!

The Bald Gourmet seeks the best carbonated ginger beverages, and finds it in Bundaberg Australian Ginger Beer.


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  • You must have had a good batch, mine was disappointing, very little ginger and and aftertaste of artificial sweetener.

  • The best ginger beer i’ve tasted to date is Frank’s Ginger Beer, but think that it is only available in New Zealand. One sip and basically you’ll feel all that ginger and spicy action in your mouth and it goes up to the nose! Wow! Bundaberg is great too, but a bit watered down i think? It’s still a great drink to me

    • Thanks for commenting, Erik. That Frank’s ginger beer sounds mighty good.

  • Dear Jothan Yeager

    I’m not an expert but can you class Canada Dry, Schweppes and Vernors as a Ginger Beer. Old Tyme Ginger Beer Is the best I’ve tried to date.

    • Hi Patrick. Today’s ginger Ales and ginger Beers are pretty much the same beverage. However, they do have some differences. The Huffington Post did a good article on the two at:

      Ginger Ale is basically just sugared ginger flavored carbonated water. Ginger Beer actually goes through a firmentation process, which then makes the carbonation in the bottle (though today’s manufacturers may add carbonated water as well). Today’s firmentation process is pretty mellow, and the resulting alcohol content is so low that they don’t have to label alcohol being in the bottle. The same firmentation process results in a more cloudy appearance, and some unfiltered content, which is why Bundaberg suggests inverting the bottle a couple times before drinking it.

      So, Ginger Beer is a non-alcoholic (mostly) beverage that has more body, more complex flavors, and a richer color than it’s very close cousin, ginger ale. Both taste of ginger, both are sweet, both are refreshing, and both are bubbly. But only ginger beer has the complexity of flavor that yeast firmentation brings to the table, and because it takes longer to make and has more ingredients in it, ginger beer is also more expensive. But it is so very worth it! Give Bundaberg a try and let me know what you think.

  • As a native from Queensland Australia, the state that brew Bundaberg Ginger Beer, I was surprised to learn that Bundaberg soft drinks were available in the USA a Pepsi representative stocking shelves at a Walmart in SLC told us that Bundaberg soft drinks were huge in Utah, better still we recently found Bundaberg Ginger Beer and a few other Bundaberg flavours available at World Market in Chicago.

    Bundaberg Ginger Beer makes a great ‘dark & stormy’ and back home in Australia this is traditionally made with Bundaberg Rum which happens to be Australia’s most popular spirit and produced in the same town as Bundaberg Ginger Beer.

  • Not sure if you are a cocktail lover but try the ginger beer in a dark and stormy; mix the ginger beer with black rum (Goslings is a good one) and fresh lime…. are you in Twin Falls and if so, where do you get Bundaberg products?


    • I’ve found Bundaberg at Cost Plus World Market, but it looks like the closest one to you is in Boise. Bundaberg contacted me shortly after my review to thank me, and mentioned that they have some other distributors here in Idaho, but I didn’t recognize who they were. You could try reaching out to Bundaberg and asking them. They seemed very friendly and willing to assist when they spoke with me.

      • We are their Idaho Distributor. We have the product in different places here in the Valley and are
        making an effort to get this product to different locations within the next 6 months. We are located
        here in Boise.
        You can reach out to us via


  • They sell that stuff over here. I haven’t had their ginger ale but I have had the root beer….. blech! Sssss! Guess I should try the ginger ale.

  • LOVE Ginger Ale…thank you so much!!

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