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On our recent trip to the Oregon Coast, we stayed a couple nights in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge to visit friends and family.  I grew up in that area, but am always still amazed by the beauty there.  It is unlike anywhere else I’ve been.  A huge river runs through a steep carved gorge that is nestled between both Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams.  Rolling mountains and hills, large trees, green grass, and wild flowers all about.  It’s simply amazing.

While there, I thought I’d play a surprise and kidnap my mom and my sister to steal them away to breakfast.  But I was the one filled with surprise of deliciousness when they directed me to a local favorite breakfast spot called Bette’s Place.  Located on busy Oak street in downtown Hood River, Bette’s Place was packed with hungry patrons.  I greedily looked around at all the diners’ plates.  Everything looked very good.  As our waitress seated us and handed us our vast menus, I had no idea what to order.  So many choices that sounded so good.  But then I saw it…. Dungennes Crab Eggs Benedict.

Best Breakfast in Hood River, Oregon

Bette's Place Dungeness Crab Eggs Benedict

Bette’s Place Dungeness Crab Eggs Benedict

Bette's Place Dungeness Crab Eggs Benedict Boat

Bette’s Place Dungeness Crab Eggs Benedict Boat

Oh man, look at this thing!  This was some damn good breakfast.  It was spot on, and was even served in a boat!  It needed to be served in a boat due to the vast amount of hollandaise sauce it came with.  That hollandaise sauce was very loose and not heavy at all.  It had a slight butter taste coming through.  It didn’t have much lemon flavor to speak of, but was very good with everything else.  But the best part were the HUGE chunks of fresh crab.  Outstanding!

Bette's Place Dungeness Crab Eggs Benedict Chunks of Fresh Crab

Bette’s Place Dungeness Crab Eggs Benedict Chunks of Fresh Crab

I suppose only being a few hours from the coast gives Bette’s Place the luxury of serving such beautiful fresh crab at such a reasonable price, but even still, this dish was a surprise.  It was beautiful and tasty, and was probably the best crab breakfast I’ve had anywhere.

Sadie’s egg omelet was also packed full of crab, as well as avocado, which she loved, but she said the dish was good but not exceptional.  For once I ordered the best thing on the menu and she didn’t!  Ha!  The pancakes were average.  The giant cinnamon roll was pretty good but nothing to rave about, and was not really worth the $5.  It had a great cinnamon flavor but was too much bread and not enough soft sugar-cinnamon goo.

All in all though, Bette’s Place was hands down the best breakfast I’ve had in The Gorge.
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The Bald Gourmet enjoys an amazing Dungeness Crab Eggs Benedict at the local favorite family owned Bette’s Place in beautiful Hood River, Oregon.


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  • I’m glad you had a good experience at Bette’s, which is where I used to eat, until I tried Egg River Cafe (formerly known as Egg Harbor Cafe). Hands down, Egg River Cafe is the best breakfast joint in or around Hood River, but it’s a bit further up on Oak, just far enough beyond the downtown core of shops, that most tourists miss it. If you’re lucky enough to get one of the three window booths that face the front of the building, you can dine while enjoying a beautiful view of the Colombia River Gorge. I’ve attached the link, so you can read more about it. Notice that the picture they feature of an omelette is a classic French omelette, which is hard to find in the U.S., where most breakfast joints make theirs on a grill and roll them up like a burrito, which is why I rarely order them. I encourage you to give it a try the next time you’re in the area.

    • Thanks for the tip Juli! Next time I’m back home visiting family, I will definitely check out Egg River Cafe. The smoked salmon benedict sounds right up my ally. The omelets look good too. :)

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