Jack in the Box Sirloin Burger: Best Fast Food Burger

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Jack in the Box Sirloin Burger

Jack in the Box Sirloin Burger

I don’t eat a lot of fast food.  From a foodie’s perspective, I feel it is mostly evil.  However, I’m going to have to give Jack in the Box a hat’s off applause for their Sirloin Burger.  This thing is scrumptious!  The thick burger patty is very well seasoned with lots of black pepper, and pairs perfectly with the American cheese slices.  Well seasoned (with something other than just salt) fast food burgers are a rarity, so good job Jack.

The bakery style bun they serve this on is also exceptional.  It is very soft, moist, chewy, and good tasting. And though it has sugar in it, it is not so loaded with it that it tastes more like a sweet roll than a hamburger bun, unlike so many other fast food chain buns do.  Jack also spreads a peppercorn mayo sauce on each bun, which is just fantastic.  My goodness.

I also love the thick pieces of lettuce, tomato, red onion, and pickle slices they give you.  It gives the allusion that this might actually be healthy for you, but also goes a long way to cut down the salty grease texture in your mouth.

I usually choose to shorten my life span by adding the peppered smoked bacon to it.  Boy that makes this burger delicious.  I mean come on, peppered bacon with a peppered patty and a peppered mayo?  Good Foodie God!

Jack in the Box Seasoned Fries with Sirloin Burger

Now if you’re going to splurge, you damn well better splurge right.  So don’t be a pansy ass and skimp on the fat and sodium content here.  Order the Seasoned Fries to go with your Sirloin Burger.  They are so freaking good I can hardly stand it.  Crunchy, moist inside, full of flavor, and a cool orange color I don’t care to understand.  The flavor combination of them dipped in ketchup and shoved in your mouth with every Sirloin Burger bite is outstanding.  What a happy little piggy it makes.

Jack in the Box Sirloin Burger Meal = Whole lot of Calories

The burger meal with medium seasoned fries and a medium root beer is over 1600 calories, roughly 2900 mg of sodium, and 86 grams of sugar, plus whatever the added bacon packs on.  I guess you could go small on the fries and drink to save nearly 250 calories, 350 mg of sodium, and 27 grams of sugar, but what’s the point.  You’ve gone this far, just go all the way.  You won’t need another meal for the rest of the day, so enjoy (in fact, this could be your entire daily allotment of calories).  Of course, you may want to limit your frequency intake of this gluttonous treat due to potential health risks, but when you do allow yourself to enjoy it, freaking go for it!  Yummy yum yum yum yum.

The Bald Gourmet’s Gluttoner’s Guide is written for the little piggy inside all of us.


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  • I have had this burger several times and I completely agree with you that it is an awesome find. Where I am in the west coast, we have in-and-out burger, of whose double-double I would say is the king of all burgers in the fast food category. It is probably the best quality of all the fast food chains as well as the tastiest. Jack’s sirloin burger comes pretty close though, and I would say is even better in some respects, like the great tasting pickle and red onion it has. The thing I am wondering about though is whether the sirloin beef patty is pure sirloin, or has some other additives. And like your average fast food burger does it have ground “trimmings” as a filler? I almost don’t want to find out so that “it wouldn’t ruin a good thing” for me.

    • Amen, I couldn’t agree more about In-and-out. Their burgers are like food crack and I am their junkie! As for Jack’s sirloin burger, I doubt it has anything good for us in it, but I too haven’t looked for fear of ruining it. I don’t eat them often, but when I do I’m always pleased with how flavorful it is. So much better than anything at McDonalds.

  • I worked a late shift and ate one of these remarkable burgers every night. This is too good to be legal. Om nom nom nom nom…

  • Can anyone tell me what gives jack in the box sirloin burger, such an awesome flavor? I have gone to my butcher, and gotten top ground sirloin, and there is no comparison…..so how can we duplicate this flavor at home? Thanks Troy

    • My guess would be the Hydrolized Soy protein and the Autolyzed Yeast extract.
      These are indirect forms of MSG, bring out the umami flavor and definitely bring a savory taste to the beef you wouldn’t find in plain Sirloin beef.
      My guess is there’s a good amount in there, and many would say these additives are harmful.
      The good news is that, in using those to enhance the flavor, it can lower the overall salt content as (with any MSG derivative) a little goes a long way.

  • This is a well-kept secret, because even most Mickey D. and Burger King lovers hold JIB in low esteem -
    “Did any good thing ever come out of JIB?” they ask. I have not eaten at either of them in some time, but I will put Jack’s sirloin burger up against anything they have, and win for sure. A definite major winner!
    On the other hand, Jack’s recently re-introduced fish sandwich is sad indeed, especially when compared to one they had some 3 years ago, which was outstanding.
    Any fast foodies who have not yet tried Jack’s sirloin burger are in for a treat. I plan to have one for my dinner tonight, while the vegetarian sissies in my family force tofu down their gullets.

    • Hilarious! Amen. Well said Robert. Well said.

  • So I realize this post is old, but I just had the sirloin burger from jack in the box today for the first time. I had to see if it was just me or if others also thought this was actually a really good fast food burger — it is! Anyways just keeping this thread alive.

    • Thanks for your comment Mike. I’ve had Jack’s sirloin burger a few times since I wrote this post, and each time I’m again surprised at how good it is. It really is a tasty find. Anyhow, thanks for looking up my review. Come back again sometime.

  • I agree. JitB Sirloin burger is probably the best “fast food” burger out there. I like 5 Guys better but I don’t count them as fast food. I like the natural cut fries better than their seasoned fries but hey, that’s just me. If you’re going to splurge though, you have to throw in an Oreo shake made with real ice cream. Not only is it delicious, you’ll have enough calories that you won’t need to eat for the rest of the day.

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