Honeymoon Trip to Anguilla – Saturday, July 27, 2013

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Day 6:  For the Baldo reader’s out there who are interested, I thought I’d document our Honeymoon trip to Anguilla. We had a great time for sure. We ate great food, lounged on incredible beaches, met some wonderful people, and walked hand in hand down our new journey of love and life with each other. I hope you enjoy these journal notes as much as we enjoyed living them.

We woke up early today so that we could go to breakfast at Tasty’s before meeting up with Eulah for our history museum tour.  However, Tasty’s was closed, so we headed into the Valley to see what else we could find.

Nico’s Restaurant in The Valley, Anguilla

We only found one restaurant open, so we went for it.  The food at Nico’s Restaurant wasn’t all that great, but it was cheap…. a first on Anguilla.

Anguilla Nico's Restaurant Breakfast

Anguilla Nico’s Restaurant Breakfast

I tried their Saturday breakfast special, salt fish.  Salt Fish is a local dish that I heard about all over the island, so I was glad to get to try it.  It was reconstituted dried salted fish that had been sautéed in oil with onions, celery, and peppers.  It was fairly good, but very rich.   A little dab will do you.  Sadie had the ham and cheese omelet with pancakes.  The cheese was American slices, and the pancakes were suspiciously like frozen pancakes.  We were mostly excited about the johnny cakes that came with our meal, but they too were a disappointment, being baked and firm like a hard biscuit rather than fluffy and fried like a doughnut.

Anguilla Nico's Restaurant Breakfast - Salt Fish with Johnny Cakes

Anguilla Nico’s Restaurant Breakfast – Salt Fish with Johnny Cakes

Anguilla Nico's Restaurant Breakfast - Sadie

Anguilla Nico’s Restaurant Breakfast – Sadie


Anguilla History Museum

Full from our disappointing breakfast, we drove over to Eulah’s house so that she could take us to the Anguilla History Museum.  She was waiting for us at the end of her driveway, so we picked up and headed out.  We got there at 9, but the museum didn’t open until 10. So, she took us on a road trip to show us around different places on the East end of the island, including all her family members’ houses  We stopped at her daughter’s and met her.  She wasn’t phased at all by her mom showing up on a Saturday morning with some random tourists.  I found that funny.  Eulah even took us to a local stone mill to show us some of the local tile made there.

After our “off the path” island tour, we went back to the museum.  The museum was very small, but was interesting. It showed the complete history of the island, including the slave trade for the different crops that were tried here; namely cotton, tobacco, and sugar cane.  My heart broke when I saw the slave shackles and ankle irons on display.  Horrible.  I would have liked some pictures of some of the different historical items, especially the old cooking vessels and equipment (they used to use coral fronds for strainers), but photography was forbidden.  But at least I got a shot of the old copper sugar cane kettle outside.

Anguilla Historical Museum

Anguilla Historical Museum

Eulah then had us drop her off at her cooking gig at The Art Institute of Anguilla, ran by a US artist.  She had one of the students give us a tour.  We met the owner, but he was a bit of a jerk.  It was obvious that there was some amazing talent in that place, but I would die if I had to sit in that dimly lit room day after day drawing the same shapes over and over for 2-years.

On Da Rocks Restaurant, Anguilla Crayfish Feast

Anguilla On Da Rocks Lunch

Anguilla On Da Rocks Lunch

From there we drove over to On Da Rocks restaurant for $5 crayfish Saturday!  The restaurant was built right on the rocky shores of a bay, with the water right under the deck.  I ordered 4 crayfish, and Sadie ordered 3.  They were boiled, cut in half with a giant paper cutter type blade, then grilled and served with a fantastic beurre blanc sauce.  Each crayfish was only $5!  What a great deal.  And the amazing view of the turquoise waters and little Scilly Cay in the background made it even better.

Anguilla On Da Rocks Lunch - Crayfish Chopping Station

Anguilla On Da Rocks Lunch – Crayfish Chopping Station

The beurre blanc sauce paired perfectly with the sweet crayfish meat.  They were delicious!  We love these Anguilla crayfish!  They are so much better than regular lobster!

Anguilla On Da Rocks Lunch - Grilled Crayfish with Buerre Blanc

Anguilla On Da Rocks Lunch – Grilled Crayfish with Buerre Blanc

Anguilla On Da Rocks Lunch - Grilled Crayfish with Buerre Blanc - Sadie

Anguilla On Da Rocks Lunch – Grilled Crayfish with Buerre Blanc – Sadie

We then went to look for a bookstore Eulah recommended so that we could buy some local cookbooks, but we could not find the place.  So we headed back to the hotel to lounge on Meads Bay in front of the resort.  It was beautiful, and we hung out there for several hours.  We took a few dips in the water, read books, and had some virgin piña coladas.

Viceroy Anguilla Meads Bay 2

Viceroy Anguilla Meads Bay 2

Viceroy Anguilla Meads Bay

Viceroy Anguilla Meads Bay

After our fill of bliss, we headed back to our room to get cleaned up, making a short side trip to our plunge pool again, so that we could get ready for dinner.

Picante Mexican Restaurant, Anguilla

We were both getting tired of the same old fancy menu items (Sadie much more than I), so we made the decision to go to the Mexican restaurant, Picante.  I was pretty skeptical, but Sadie really wanted to go.  It turned out being delicious and felt great to eat.  Their chips and salsa were terrific, their grilled chili queso corn scrumptious, and their seafood enchiladas were amazing!  We ran into Rob and Andrea again, and joked about stalking each other.  They clearly did their “eating” homework before coming to Anguilla just like we did.

Anguilla Picante Mexican Restaurant Dinner - Grilled Chili Queso Corn on the Cob

Anguilla Picante Mexican Restaurant Dinner – Grilled Chili Queso Corn on the Cob

Anguilla Picante Mexican Restaurant Dinner - Seafood Enchiladas

Anguilla Picante Mexican Restaurant Dinner – Seafood Enchiladas

We ended our day at Viceroy, where we watched a movie, cuddled, ate popcorn in bed, and went to sleep.  Not exactly the last day we had in mind, but fun none the less.

The Bald Gourmet learns of Anguilla’s history, eats delicious Anguilla Crawfish, and discovers perfect seafood enchiladas on the last day of his Caribbean honeymoon.



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  • Another great read, I loved it all, the pictures really make it! Heritage Museum is a great history lesson and Colville Petty is a sweetheart, a really nice man. I am not familiar with Anguilla Art Institute…is that at Ani Villas?
    Thanks for your time,

    • Hi Ellen. Unfortunately, I don’t remember how we got to the art school or where it was at. We drove around so much that day, it’s all a blur. I agree, Colville was a very nice gentlemen. We enjoyed our time with him in the museum.

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