Epicurean Idaho State Shaped Cutting Board Review

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As one of the largest food blogs in Idaho, we occasionally get offers to review relevant food-based products with an Idaho focus.  And what could be more focused than an Idaho shaped cutting board!  Cutting board and utensil manufacturer, Epicurean, reached out to us to write about their new Idaho shaped cutting board.  They shipped one to us, and I’ve been using it in my kitchen for the past couple weeks.  This board is funky, funny, and fun, and is a great gift item for anyone fond of Idaho.

Epicurean Idaho State Shaped Cutting and Serving Board

Epicurean Idaho State Shaped Cutting and Serving Board

How Functional is Epicurean’s State Shaped Cutting Board?

However, the pan-handle shape of Idaho is a bit awkward to be a functional cutting board; there just isn’t much of a cutting area to work with.  However, there is enough room in the rectangle portion of the state to cut an apple, a couple carrots, or some salami on.  So, rather than a day-to-day multipurpose cutting board, this Idaho shape is better suited for an entertainment cheese/fruit/cured meat cutting and serving board.  It has a built in handle for carrying, thanks to Idaho’s funky shape, and will have your guest laughing at the novelty of it all.

Epicurean Idaho State Shaped Cutting Board

Epicurean Idaho State Shaped Cutting Board

As for the cutting surface, Epicurean’s wood composite material is awesome!  It is very lightweight, very smooth, very hard, and very kind on my knives.  Epicurean does a beautiful job of rounding all of the corners and edges.  The entire board is super smooth and just feels great in the hand. It is dishwasher safe (unlike wood and bamboo boards), heat resistant to 350° (so you can use as a trivet if needed), non-porous and NSF certified (Certified by the National Sanitary Foundation so the board will be easy to clean and will not harbor bacteria.), and has a lifetime warranty.  And to top it all off, Epicurean’s products are built here in the USA.  Awesome.

History of Epicurean Cutting Board Manufacturer

But who is Epicurean and where did they come from?  In 2003, Epicurean was founded by custom skate park manufacturer TrueRide as a way to repurpose excess skating surface material generated during manufacturing.  TrueRide was the first licensed and bonded municipal skatepark manufacturer in the United States, and have built more then 450 skate parks across the world, including several professional parks for venues like the X-Games.  You can learn more about them at http://www.trueride.com/why-trueride/.  The founders of TrueRide knew that similar material was being used in commercial kitchens, so creating a line of home food preparation surfaces from their scrap materials was as natural as, well, skating on it. TrueRide outdoor skate parks take excessive abuse from both weather and skaters.  Rest assured, your Epicurean cutting surfaces and utensils can ride out the most rigorous challenges you can dish up!

Where to Buy Epicurean Cutting Boards

If you’d like to purchase Epicurean’s State Shaped Cutting Boards, you can do so at their website or here:

They are great gifts for any foodie in your life.  But if you’re more of a traditional shaped board fan, Epicurean makes a large line of really nice cutting boards found at your local retailers or at Amazon:

Buy Epicurean Cutting Boards

Happy cutting!

The Bald Gourmet reviews a fun but functional novelty cutting board in the shape of Idaho State by Epicurean.


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