Del Taco’s Tasty Tacos

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Del Taco's Tacos

Del Taco's Tacos

I’m not a big fast food fan, but I have to tell you that the $0.39 tacos at Del Taco are freaking delicious.  I love them, and I love the fact that for under $2.50 I can have a very tasty lunch of 820 calories.  At 1,380mg of sodium and 40 grams of fat, they certainly are not good for you, but they are significantly better than a comparable lunch of 1,090 calories, 2,450mg sodium, and 57 grams of fat at Taco Bell.  Not to mention about $4 cheaper.  Now don’t get me wrong, Taco Bell will forever be a dirty little make-me-fat secret of mine, but when it comes to getting a taco fix on, I run for Del Taco’s border.

Del Taco isn’t concerned about presentation.  Everything comes in a hastily wrapped piece of paper, the cheese seems to always be globbed into one pile, and there usually seems to be beef spilled outside of the taco shell.  But man oh man, who really cares when you’re shoving satisfying deliciousness in your face.  Yum!

I’ve tried several other items on their menu, including their breakfast items (available all day).  They had an awesome shrimp taco special for a while, but it is no longer available.  Drats!  Nothing else on their menu really seems to be all that great, but I do highly recommend their basic tacos.  I usually order 4 hard and 2 soft, and eat them with their medium sauce.  Great combo.  Give it a try.


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  • Del Taco here is also owned by nice folks. Great value.

  • Okay, your post did it. I’ve been driving by the 39cent taco sign at Del Taco everyday this month as I go pick up my son from summer school, thinking “that sounds like a deal”. I mean, Tacos ARE one of the staples of life! Yes, I agree, very nice tacos! I like the crunchy, my son likes the soft. I do, however, maintain that Jack-In-The-Box tacos are the food of the Gods, and far surpass Del Taco. No. I do NOT want a health comparison, and yes, I do acquiesce that Del Taco uses real cheese on their taco while Jack-In-Box’s is processed. Even so, give me Jack!

    P.S. the Del Taco on Broadway does still have the shrimp taco. There is a sign in the window and I asked, just for you!

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